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On days one and two of Focus 16, the entire conference venue (tanning three floors at The Aria) was branded in the McAfee blue. At the close of the morning keynote, CEO Chris Young announced a change in the company name—from Intel Security to McAfee.
The attendees watched the stage transform from blue to red during the keynote – even the pocket square Chris was wearing in his jacket changed.
As the attendees departed, the general session, to their surprise, all signage had been transformed to the new McAfee ‘red’ brand.
Twitter lit up with pictures and exclamations from attendees amazed at the transition.


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Joe Rodota came to PAIR design looking for us to create a brand for an annual cherry blossom festival along the Sacramento river that honors the region’s rich Japanese-American partnership.
We started by conducting a thorough interview with the client to gain a complete understanding of the passion, vision, and scope. We then built multiple logo approaches that span the creative scale. We started in black/white first, then added color once the logo options were narrowed down.
Following the logo, we created a mood board for the proposed brand that will introduce the style and tone for the remaining assets. We were careful with the brand investment on future marketing projects, as we did not want it to feel too watered down or too stale.


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When Shahnaz Van Deventer came to us to create a multi-piece marketing drive to support the capital campaign and raise public awareness for the new science center, we were thrilled.
We expanded the existing visual identity into several marketing and informational pieces that needed to appeal to a diverse group –donors, investors, parents and children.
To do this, we incorporates fun images and expanded the bright color palette to broaden appeal and stand out. During the process, PAIR design became Founding Partners, and we continue to raise awareness for this incredible Sacramento destination.